Lavender Menthol Tallow Salve

The Wandering Squirrel

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I've made salves quite often just for personal use, so mixing these up just to sell off as much of my stock of oils/butters/etcetera as possible was a breeze. Which saves me time and you money. 

The tallow I use in all my products is locally sourced, as is the beeswax (in fact, you can smell the sweetness of the beeswax in the unscented version of these).


These particular ones are made with Bulgarian Lavender oil and menthol. 

Ingredients: Tallow, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Daikon Seed Extract, Menthol Crystals, Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil. 


 This listing is for one 2oz/60g tin of tallow salve.