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The Wandering Squirrel

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Ingredients: Peach Kernel Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, [Fragrance], Daikon Seed Extract, Champagne Extract, Tamanu Seed Oil.

Poured to Order. Available unscented and in the below scents - some are new, experimental blends that will be in collections after our break!

Listing is for one 2oz frosted glass bottle. 

After Dark: Warm vanilla slathered leather jackets with musk, a hint of citrus and peppered amber.

Autumn Vibes Only: A warm, autumnal blend of damp woods, pumpkin flesh, clove, nutmeg, incense and apples.

Between the Sheets: Cozy coconut milk and energizing bergamot with sultry jasmine petals, warm tonka bean and alluring musk.

Bewitched Ivy: Sparkling notes of cassis, pink grapefruit, ivy & lily of the valley with willow, violet and musk.

Black Cherry Burst: Pure, sweet black cherry. Reminds me of a particular glass bottle black cherry cream soda, actually. Limited Quantity.

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed: A zingy combination of peppermint & lemongrass essential oils.

Candy Cane Cookies: Crushed candy cane bits on a background of buttery soft & chewy sugar cookies. [NEW]

Cliché Romance: Plump mixed berries and a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

Come Hither: Lemon, pink pepper, neroli, rum, tobacco leaf, vanilla bean.

Dragon Berries: Rainbow fruity rice cereal from childhood.

Dragon Born: Sweet and spicy; Patchouli leads the charge but blends seamlessly with soft vanilla and a dash of black pepper.

Fairytale Rose: Exotic woods, luscious plum & vanilla with a vibrant red rose trapped behind glass.

Fierce AF: Was going to do a super badass blend with leather and such because that’s what comes into my brain when I think Fierce AF, but then I decided the fiercest thing is feeling like a badass in your skin only; a clean, cozy scent of cashmeran, iris and skin musk. Your skin but better. [NEW]

Fuck the Grey: The grey season is upon us again and some of us may need something cheerful to fight off the bleh feelings that can hit during the span of time between October and May in the Pacific Northwest region of the US; Pink pomelo, watery green notes, lily of the valley and coriander blossom. [NEW]

High Spirits: A summer's day at a music festival. Bud, leather, incense, sunshine. Woody & spicy; weed accord, violet leaf, red apple, tobacco, patchouli, incense, leather, cedarwood and cypress. [NEW]

Hopes & Dreams: Bubbly, bright & invigorating; champagne, fresh lime, avocado, mint and sugarcane. [NEW]

In Memoriam - Granny’s Platter

  • Marbled Memories: The jaw-dropping, drool-worthy scent of dark chocolate with warm notes of amber, tobacco, immortelle, tonka bean and white musk.
  • Peach Cobbler: Simultaneously bright and warm with notes of peach, blood orange, cardamom, orange blossom, aged rum, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood and tonka.

    Lavender Daydream: Bulgarian lavender sprinkled with fresh vanilla beans.

    Leather & Lace: At once gentle and strong, light and dark, creating an intriguing, irresistible bouquet of bergamot, bay leaves, black tea, fig, hay, tobacco, cedarwood, vetiver and musk. [NEW]

    Life's a Beach: Tangy citrus, coconut flesh, tropical flowers and driftwood floating in from sea.

    Love of the Goddess: Comparable to a tender hug; gentle lilac and sensual sandalwood.

    New Beginnings: Smells like the very best of spring; Green notes punctuated by citrus and grounded by elements of earth - lime, grapefruit, caraway, vetiver, sandalwood and cedar.

    Oats & Honey: Mellow and soothing, with just a hint of sweetness; warm oatmeal, milk and a drizzle of honey. [NEW... kinda]

    Peppermint Twist: Pure peppermint essential oil and menthol. 

    Pink Petals: A delicate bouquet of pink petals, amber and a touch of juicy peach.

    Poison Apple: Sweet & tart crisp green apple. 

    Rainbow Magick: Juicy orange, labdanum, tonka bean and blonde patchouli.

    Secret Garden: Wild mimosa, jasmine & orange blossom with juicy blackberries & mandarin on a bed of soft amber and rich cedar.

    Sexy & I Know It: Rich Italian espresso, luscious dark chocolate, a drizzle of maple syrup and a splash of vanilla.

    Smiles by the Fireplace: Wood smoking in the hearth, roasted chestnuts, red berries foraged from the forest nearby, a whisper of vanilla from your cozy flannel blanket and the ghosts of orange blossoms and neroli.

    Storm Clouds: Crisp apples, fresh fallen rain, Washington flowers, damp mossy forest floors and a hint of sky musk.

    Striptease: Juicy strawberries & sparkling pink grapefruit sprinkled with violet leaves, jasmine petals & gardenia on a soft bed of vanilla & ivory woods.

    Walking On Sunshine: The feeling of just feeling yourself and just… pure, unadulterated happiness. Soak it up like you soak up the sun; crisp linen, white orchid and apple blossom. [NEW]

    Washington Forests: Pine needles, oakmoss and the air after it rains with wet tree bark, rich soil and composting leaves.

    Wild At Heart: Unsure I can be tamed after the year that was 2020 (and even before then) - we’re all a bit feral now, aren’t we? Wild red poppies, vetiver, amber and sandalwood. [NEW]

    Unbreakable: Lavender buds, ylang ylang and sultry tonka bean.

    Unicorn Farts: Sweet mandarin, tart red currant, tamarind and creamy coconut milk.

    You Had Me at Hello: Soft, creamy and inviting; Fruity notes of pear, lychee and grapefruit grounded by damascena rose, vanilla incense, vetiver and silky soft musk. [NEW]

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